The Ascento Roll-Out-Video!

Last Tuesday we could show everyone what we achieved over the past two semesters. The Roll-Out was both exciting and emotional. Thanks to everyone who showed up at our booth at ETH. We had a great time with you! For everyone else, here are the highlights of the past 9 months compressed to 4 minutes of pure intensity. Please turn up …


Our final robot!

After Romy… Sara… we’re now assembling our third iteration of our jumping robot. We call her Tina! The parts are still made out of 3D printed PA12, but now dyed in black and red. Now with a new spring-concept for an efficient jump and a complete redesign to achieve higher strength and a more compact form-factor.

Sara is jumping…

… in the simulation! The jump controller framework is now set up. We can tune all our controllers in the simulation, prior to risking any damage to the real system. And it seems quite promising…:

Sara is alive!

Countless hours were spent on designing and tuning the drive controller to achieve robust system behaviour. This robustness is needed for stable landing on a narrow step after a jump. Having a stable robot will make the jumping process much easier.  (Sara is the name of our second prototype). There’s more to come soon!

See you next year!

The control team made a dynamic model of our system to be able to predict the system’s dynamics while driving and will next implement the full dynamic model needed for jumping. The control algorithms for stabilising, driving and curve leaning have also been made and tested in our simulation and as well as partially tested on our prototype. Finally, we …

Second Prototype

Half time is over and our team has advanced with great strides towards jumping stairs. Although both feet are still on the ground, expect big jumps in the next couple of months. From a construction side of view we have just finished assembling our second completely re-thought prototype using state of the art computer optimisation programs to reduce the weight …

Wohoo it’s driving

Finally: we have assembled our first prototype and implemented a first iteration of control algorithms: It is now able to balance and drive around! Check out this video for a short demo: Yet we are still waiting for various electrical components and motors, until we can reach our goal and jump up stairs. This is why in the meantime we …

First prototype

Five weeks have passed and our first Prototype is starting to shape up. Last week we 3D printed the body and leg mechanism, now it‘s time to assemble those parts. We are still waiting for some motors, but as soon as we get them we should be able to balance and jump!

Concept: found!

Two weeks in and already a lot of progress has been made. After a lot of long and intensive discussions we have defined our concept of how to maneuvre in indoor environments. The main keyword is jumping: Our vision is to create a segway-like robot balancing and driving around on two wheels. Yet equipped with a collapsable arm it is …

Welcome Dear Visitor!

Welcome dear visitor! This is the page where we regularly post updates about the current standings of the project. Come back soon, to find out what progress we made in the first few weeks.