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We are absolutely amazed by the sudden success of our video “This is Ascento 2” on YouTube. It took 5 months to reach the first 100’000 views and suddenly 3 days later it reached 200’000 and another 3 days later 300’000 views! Thank you all very much for your interest, your feedback and your support – This is what keeps us going!

If you haven’t already, go watch our “This is Ascento 2” video! And if you already have… just go watch it again 🙂
This is Ascento 2:

3 thoughts on “Ascento on YouTube

  1. very cool development

  2. Could it be outfitted to become a personal mobile device for mobility disadvantaged person

    1. Hi

      As it is currently it is to small to carry around people. However it could be scaled up and then transport people.

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