Author: Lionel Gulich

  • Wohoo it’s driving

    Wohoo it’s driving

    Finally: we have assembled our first prototype and implemented a first iteration of control algorithms: It is now able to balance and drive around! Check out this video for a short demo: Yet we are still waiting for various electrical components and motors, until we can reach our goal and jump up stairs. This is…

  • First prototype

    First prototype

    Five weeks have passed and our first Prototype is starting to shape up. Last week we 3D printed the body and leg mechanism, now itÔÇÿs time to assemble those parts. We are still waiting for some motors, but as soon as we get them we should be able to balance and jump!

  • Concept: found!

    Concept: found!

    Two weeks in and already a lot of progress has been made. After a lot of long and intensive discussions we have defined our concept of how to maneuvre in indoor environments. The main keyword is jumping: Our vision is to create a segway-like robot balancing and driving around on two wheels. Yet equipped with…