Sara is alive!

Countless hours were spent on designing and tuning the drive controller to achieve robust system behaviour. This robustness is needed for stable landing on a narrow step after a jump. Having a stable robot will make the jumping process much easier.  (Sara is the name of our second prototype). There’s more to come soon!






2 responses to “Sara is alive!”

  1. Vorney avatar

    hi dear,great innovation.
    It is so much similar with boston dynamic handler combined wheel and leg.
    why not to run and test outdoor enviroment?

    1. Lionel Gulich avatar
      Lionel Gulich

      Hi Vorney

      Cheers for the positive feedback. We have indeed done some first tests outside, some time soon we will probably release video material of those tests. Also make sure to check out our roll-out video:

      Team Ascento

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