Ascento 2nd Paper

Finally our second paper submission “LQR-Assisted Whole-Body Control of a Wheeled Bipedal Robot With Kinematic Loops” was accepted and published at ICRA 2020. Unfortunately the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 situation but we hope to meet great minds and robots at the next event. Please support us and stay tuned for more updates. Instagram:

Ascento at ARCHE 2019

This year we could again show the capabilities of our robot at ARCHE 2019. But now for the first time with the new terrain adaptive features! Even on rough terrains our Ascento robot kept its balance. Thanks ARCHE for having us! Stay tuned for more updates on Ascento and please support us! 🙂 Instagram:

Ascento at the Zurich Film Festival 2019

This year, Ascento got an invitation to the Zurich Film Festival! From September 30th to October 4th 2019 Ascento showed together with other robots how movie-making and robots go hand in hand. Tina also served some cake for the guests! Here’s the link to the event: Instagram:


Ascento on live TV!!

Yes, you read it right, Tina was on TV for the first time!!! And not just any TV channel, it was on El Hormiguero 3.0, a well known television program in Spain! During its live demo (no time for errors!) on June 6, Tina showed every spectator what she can do while Jorge Marrón Martín explained every step in spanish. …


Ascento at MATLAB EXPO 2019

At the same time as ICRA 2019, two other members of the team presented the Ascento robot at the MATLAB EXPO 2019 on the 23rd of May. Here’s the link to the event: Thanks for having us MathWorks, the presentations were amazing! Stay tuned for more updates on Ascento and please support us! 🙂 Instagram:

Ascento at Maker Faire Berlin 2019

And once again Tina, our current prototype robot, had the pleasure to participate in a Maker Faire. This time in Berlin!! From May 17-19 Tina was driving, swerving and, of course, jumping around the entire event area. It was awesome to see the different projects people all around the globe are doing. Take a look at our description on their …

Ascento at Maker Faire Rome 2018

Tina, our latest prototype, participated in the 2018 edition of the Maker Faire in Rome. From 12 – 14th October people from all backgrounds had the chance to meet our robot and learn more about our work. Needless to say that kids love Tina!! Thank you for everyone who stopped by. We even got awarded maker of merit Rome 2018! …

Ascento at Wiesbaden 2018

On September 28th team Ascento was kindly invited for a short talk at the annual VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau) meeting in Wiesbaden, Germany. The robot went on stage together with two team members, which presented the project during a talk about startups by Christian Keese, a very renowned german author and journalist. We had a great time and …

Ascento at ETH Industry Day 2018

On the 5th of September 2018 team Ascento was at the ETH Industry Day 2018. The one day event showcased various presentations, interviews and exhibitions with the main objective of providing insights into successfull collaborations between industry and academia. More information about the event can be found here. While Tina was driving and jumping around, we were pleased to talk …

The Ascento Roll-Out-Video!

Last Tuesday we could show everyone what we achieved over the past two semesters. The Roll-Out was both exciting and emotional. Thanks to everyone who showed up at our booth at ETH. We had a great time with you! For everyone else, here are the highlights of the past 9 months compressed to 4 minutes of pure intensity. Please turn up …