Our final robot!

After Romy… Sara… we’re now assembling our third iteration of our jumping robot. We call her Tina!

The parts are still made out of 3D printed PA12, but now dyed in black and red. Now with a new spring-concept for an efficient jump and a complete redesign to achieve higher strength and a more compact form-factor.






8 responses to “Our final robot!”

  1. Nonie avatar

    HOPP TINA!!!

  2. Henry avatar

    How did you build the structures of TINA? Mental 3D printing?

    1. Ciro Salzmann avatar
      Ciro Salzmann

      Hi! All structural parts are 3D printed out of PA12 (Polyamid 12) using SLS (Selective Layer Sintering) technology.

  3. Ludvig avatar

    How does the jumping mechanics work with storing of energy, motors and release mechanism etc?

    Really nice work!!

    1. Lionel Gulich avatar
      Lionel Gulich


      The springs are primarily there just to compensate for the weight of the main body when driving around. Apart from the springs, there are only the hip motors involved in jumping, no release mechanisms. Jumping is then achieved by extracting the legs quickly (and controlled) with the motors. For more information stay tuned, we will publish a paper in the upcoming months.

  4. karl avatar


  5. sungkiyoung avatar

    what’t the frameless motor’s model of your robot?

    1. Ciro Salzmann avatar
      Ciro Salzmann

      It is an EC frameless 90 flat brushless motor from Maxon.

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