Ascento at WORLD.MINDS 2018

Look how beautiful Tina looks on the stage of the 12th WORLD.MINDS Annual Symposium! With more than 300 scientists, entrepreneurs, professors and politicians it was certainly not the time to make mistakes!

But what about WORLD.MINDS? It is an invitation-only community of 1000 individuals who have made proven contributions in science, the arts, business and government. The main purpose of the symposium is the exchange of ideas and this years theme was “mobility”. It was held in Zurich on the evening of 09 May 2018.

Our speakers Lionel and Alessandro did a great job presenting and, of course, Tina also showed an amazing performance. It was the first time Tina got to show her stunts in front of a real audience. Great job Tina and the Ascento team!

All presentations in the field of research and industry, delicious ap├®ros with great conversations and even a live jazz concert made this evening unforgettable. We would like to thank all volunteers and organizers that made this event happen. A special thanks goes to Rolf Dobelli who invited us to this great evening and Roland Siegwart who helped us along the way.

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