Ascento on live TV!!

Yes, you read it right, Tina was on TV for the first time!!! And not just any TV channel, it was on El Hormiguero 3.0, a well known television program in Spain!

During its live demo (no time for errors!) on June 6, Tina showed every spectator what she can do while Jorge Marrón Martín explained every step in spanish. But Tina was not alone on stage, she was right next to the two brazilian football stars Roberto Carlos and Júlio Baptista! Dominik and Victor, two of our brains, also joined the stage to make sure everything goes right (probably the other brains were more nervous watching from home).

If you missed the live demo take a look at the video:

Also take a look at the publication in El Hormiguero’s official website and the post from the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH.

We are grateful for this opportunity and hope it is not our last time on TV. Stay tuned for more updates on Ascento and have a nice day! 🙂

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