Ascento 2nd Paper

Finally our second paper submission “LQR-Assisted Whole-Body Control of a Wheeled Bipedal Robot With Kinematic Loops” was accepted and published at ICRA 2020.

Unfortunately the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 situation but we hope to meet great minds and robots at the next event.

Please support us and stay tuned for more updates.


One thought on “Ascento 2nd Paper

  1. I’m a beginner at robotics, previously a compsci background. Your teams robot is incredible and I was hoping you could help a beginner wrap my head around the jumping mechanism. Could you shed any light on how Ascento stores the energy when in the crouched position and how it is released? Is it a special kind of motor? Or perhaps point me in the direction of a paper on the subject. Appreciate it Ascento team, great work.

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