Author: Dominik Mannhart

  • Autonomous Christmas Lab

    Merry Christmas!🎄✨🤖 This year Ascento was again part of the annual Christmas video of the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Z├╝rich. Shout out to Patrick Pfreundschuh for the cool video! Enjoy!

  • Startup DAYS 2020

    Startup DAYS 2020

    Ascento was invited to the Startup DAYS 2020 held in Bern from 5th to 6th of October. Together with other robotics projects (DroGone, RoBoa, Rowesys, and more!) we represented the #SwissAutonomousValley booth. The event took place in the Kursaal Bern where we had a spectacular view over the whole city (just next to my head…

  • Digital Festival Z├╝rich & HackZurich 2020

    Digital Festival Z├╝rich & HackZurich 2020

    In September, we were invited to the 5th Digital Festival Z├╝rich to hold a lab session and two talks at HackZurich 2020. Thank you everyone for coming to our presentations and for visiting our lab. We had a lot of fun presenting and we loved the cool designs of the mini-Ascentos! If you missed it,…

  • Happy Swiss National Day

    Happy Swiss National Day

  • Ascento Leg Topology

    Ascento Leg Topology

    Fancy geometry right? You have probably already noticed that the legs of Ascento have an organic and exotic looking design, especially in our previous prototype. This is not because our engineers decided to go full creative and free shape the parts, this is the result of topology optimization. By specifying where our loads and supports…

  • Stay safe. Keep distance.

    Stay safe. Keep distance.

    Here at Ascento, we are working hard on the next prototype, but still health is our highest priority!

  • Ascento at Kantonsschule Uetikon am See

    Thanks for having us! And thanks to you we got our first business case: Pizza Delivery!

  • Ascento at ICRA 2019

    Ascento at ICRA 2019

    In May 2019 we went to the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Montreal and presented the current Ascento Robot. It was great to see all the fascinating research that is going on in robotics – next time we bring Ascento to meet all the other robots! Thanks ICRA for having us this…

  • The Ascento Roll-Out-Video!

    Last Tuesday we could show everyone what we achieved over the past two semesters. The Roll-Out was both exciting and emotional. Thanks to everyone who showed up at our booth at ETH. We had a great time with you! For everyone else, here are the highlights of the past 9 months compressed to 4 minutes of…

  • Our final robot!

    After Romy… Sara… we’re now assembling our third iteration of our jumping robot. We call her Tina! The parts are still made out of 3D printed PA12, but now dyed in black and red. Now with a new spring-concept for an efficient jump and a complete redesign to achieve higher strength and a more compact…