Author: Ciro Salzmann

  • Ascento’s New Website

    Ascento’s New Website

    Ascento just got a new website with a brand new design! Go check it out at and get to know Ascento in more detail. DonÔÇÖt miss any updates with the latest ÔÇÿNewsÔÇÖ section and feel free to contact us.

  • #DayForFailure


    Today, October 13, is the International Day For Failure. To celebrate this date, enjoy our Ascento robot fail compilation! With every failure we experience, we learn more and we can improve our robot for its next iteration, which will come soon… Stay tuned for more!

  • Digital Festival and Hack Zurich

    Digital Festival and Hack Zurich

    This week, Ascento is going to the 5th Digital Festival Zurich and the Hack Zurich, EuropeÔÇÖs biggest Hackathon! On Thursday 17.09 (14:00-15:30 / 16:00-17:30), weÔÇÖre hosting a lab at the Digital Festival where visitors can come and assemble a miniature version of the Ascento robot. 👉 On Friday 18.09 (17:00-19:00), Ascento will pitch its…

  • Ascento on YouTube

    Ascento on YouTube

    We are absolutely amazed by the sudden success of our video ÔÇ£This is Ascento 2ÔÇØ on YouTube. It took 5 months to reach the first 100ÔÇÖ000 views and suddenly 3 days later it reached 200ÔÇÖ000 and another 3 days later 300ÔÇÖ000 views! Thank you all very much for your interest, your feedback and your support…

  • Ascento Leg Geometry

    Ascento Leg Geometry

    Ascento has two legs which can be controlled independently by two motors installed in the hips. The geometry of its legs is a 4-bar linkage, optimized such that it moves in a straight line using only one motor. This enables Ascento not only to lean into curves and change its center of gravity, but also…

  • Ascento’s Eyes

    Ascento’s Eyes

    The same way humans have eyes 👀, Ascento has on-board cameras 📷 (marked in red) to perceive its environment. Two global shutter cameras are used for localisation. A depth sensor is used to create a 3D reconstruction of our environment and parametrise objects. For example, when the robot is standing in front of a step…

  • We are working on it

    We are working on it

    We have been working on our last prototype, Tina, for more than two years. Now it is time to build a new improved version with even better hardware and software!! Stay tuned for new updates.

  • Ascento and MathWorks

    Ascento and MathWorks

    MathWorks recently shared an article about the Ascento robot and the team behind it, recalling the exhausting work needed to go from an idea to a fully working system. Have a look at it here Instead of trying out the newly developed control algorithms directly on the real system, we tested everything in a…

  • Ascento 2nd Paper

    Finally our second paper submission “LQR-Assisted Whole-Body Control of a Wheeled Bipedal Robot With Kinematic Loops” was accepted and published at ICRA 2020. Unfortunately the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 situation but we hope to meet great minds and robots at the next event. Please support us and stay tuned for more updates.…

  • Ascento at ARCHE 2019

    Ascento at ARCHE 2019

    This year we could again show the capabilities of our robot at ARCHE 2019. But now for the first time with the new terrain adaptive features! Even on rough terrains our Ascento robot kept its balance. Thanks ARCHE for having us! Stay tuned for more updates on Ascento and please support us! 🙂 Instagram:…